Breast Augmentation

My wish is to use breast implants that create for my patients a beautifully shaped natural breast, sculptured on to her body in such a way as to balance and harmonise her proportions, and accentuate her feminine curves. While the size and breast shape vary depending on the balancing requirements of individual body shapes and the needs and desires of the patient the essential two elements stay the same.


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The first essential element is the creation of a natural beautiful breast shape and the second is balancing the breast on her body to harmonise her figure and set off her curves.

While there are countless different breast shapes, all equally beautiful but which appeal differently to different people, there are certain features that remain constant and which I strive to produce. These include a natural shape from the shoulders to the nipples, a gentle arc from the nipple to the crease under the breast, natural cleavage, silhouette ‘line’ just kiss the sides of the torso & nipples that point slightly upwards and outwards.

To create a beautiful natural shape for each individual patient and to satisfy her individual needs and desires, the surgeon needs experience and keen clinical judgment in order to assess and correctly judge the effect on the final breast shape of all of the variable factors at play.

Breast Augmentation

This includes the tensile strength of the skin, the architecture of the natural glandular tissue, the degree of sag, the position of the nipples, the shape of the underlying chest bones, etc. And then decide how best to perform the procedure (sub muscular, sub facial, dual plane etc.) and which breast implant should be used to best create the desired shape, low, moderate, high, extra high profile etc. 

The surgeon also needs the ‘magic in his hands’, that is, the surgical skill to be able to create the desired breast shape. And finally the surgeon needs the human skills, the warmth & empathy to allow the patients to feel comfortable and confident enough to discuss their desires for shape and size (etc), so that her expectations can be satisfied. 

Beautiful breasts that look real, feel real and move like real breasts are not created by accident.

The consistent creation of beautiful breasts comes from the attention to detail, a knowledge of what works when and a desire to create a beautiful shape.

Essential to balancing and harmonising the breasts on the patients figure (the second element of the breast sculpture) is a consideration and understanding of how the breast size, the position of the implants on the torso, and different breast shapes impact on the figure as a whole. Making the figure look more slender by balancing the hips with the breast, or projecting the breast further forward in order to make the tummy appear flatter.

Conversely mistakenly making the patient appear more matronly or dumpy by using too wide an implant, or allowing the breasts to sit too low on the chest in a short waisted patient. Allowing just enough projection out to the sides will balance a sense of curvaciousness by contrasting the shoulders, breast and back. With the narrowness of the waist and the curve of the hips.

A beautiful sculpture is a fusion of the elements. A beautifully shaped breast in balance & harmony with the figure to accentuate the feminine curves.


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