Cosmetic Injections for Eyes, Lips and Other Areas

Cosmetic Injections for Eyes, Lips and Other Areas


Cosmetic Injections are traditionally used for wrinkle treatments or fine lines. However, there are many other applications.

  • Tired or droopy eyes – many people have particular interest in correcting this as their eyelids sag over time, and whilst they may not feel tired or rundown, they have the appearance of being so. Our nurses can gently improve this with cosmetic injectables along the brow line to open up and ‘lift’ the eyes. This is often referred to as a non-surgical brow lift.
  • Fuller lips – these can be achieved after consultation with our cosmetic nurses for a fuller, yet natural smile. Lip filler may be used on either the top or bottom lip to even them out, or both lips to simply enhance a beautiful smile.
  • Hollow eyes are a real bug bear for some people, this is understandable as again, one may appear to look tired or drained. We have specific dermal fillers for the tear trough area of the face to minimise the appearance of hollowness without requiring surgery.
  • Changing the shape of a downward turning nose or receding chin is also possible with injections, without having to resort to surgery. 

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