Mini Abdominoplasty

A Mini Abdominoplasty or more commonly known Mini Tummy tuck is a smaller and less invasive procedure to the Abdominoplasty.

“In this procedure," explains Dr Rastogi, "the loose skin is mobilised purely by liposculpture undermining which ensures that the blood supply to the skin remains strong and removes excess fat at the same time.

A very low incision is then made at the hairline on much the same level as a caesarean scar (but about 5cm longer). The skin is tightened and the skin removed from a smile shaped flap.

The resulting scar usually lies wholly within the bikini line and the belly button is not interfered with and so maintains a natural look.”

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Mini Tummy Tuck at BellaFace

Mini Tummy Tuck vs Full Tummy Tuck


Q. What is the difference between a Mini Tummy Tuck (Mini Abdominoplasty) and a Full Tummy Tuck (Full Abdominoplasty)?

A. A Mini Tummy Tuck treats predominantly the abdominal area below the level of the belly button, and, to a small degree, above. Whereas a Full Tummy Tuck treats not only below the belly button, but also above it significantly. The surgery for a Full Tummy Tuck is a larger and more complex procedure than a Mini Tummy Tuck, as it involves repairing muscle separation, which can be apparent after pregnancy. A Mini Tummy Tuck is a more superficial surgery, it does not involve going into any tummy cavities or the tightening of muscles and is therefore less invasive.

Q. In what instance would someone get a Mini Tummy Tuck, as opposed to a Full Tummy Tuck?

A. Generally speaking, it is not a case of choosing what type of abdominoplasty surgery you would like, a patient is a candidate for either one or the other, based on the appearance of their abdominal region and the results they want to achieve.

A patient looking to tighten and improve the look of the skin in the lower abdominal region would opt for a Mini Tuck. However, if the overhang of the lower tummy is extensive and the area of concern includes the skin above the belly button, a Full Tuck would be required.


Q. What is the difference in the scarring between a Mini and a Full Tummy Tuck?

A. For a Mini Tuck, a horizontal incision is made below the bikini line. Whereas with a Full Tuck, the incision is wider across the abdomen and sometimes higher, as the surgeon is treating a larger area. Naturally, the scar for a Full Tuck will be more significant than a Mini Tuck.


Q. What happens to the belly button?

A. With a Mini Tuck, the belly button is not ‘released’ remaining intact and in situ, whereas with a Full Tuck it is released and repositioned.


Q. What is the downtime following an abdominoplasty?

A. A Mini Tummy Tuck is only ‘skin deep’ so the recovery is fast and does not involve an overnight stay in hospital. Recovery is undergone at home and can be supported by massage therapy and oral medication. Patients can expect to return to work within a week, depending on the type of work performed. A Full Tummy Tuck is more involved; therefore, a prolonged period of medical observation ensues. Patients can expect a longer hospital stay (2-3 nights), and a lengthy recovery period - approximately 2 weeks off work and at least 6 weeks before returning strenuous exercise.

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