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Dr Anoop Rastogi's Bella Face Clinic

Bella Face is one of the Hunter’s most established cosmetic surgery and medi spa practices.

Its new clinic at Honeysuckle Drive, Newcastle, features modern consulting rooms and offers advanced treatments in cosmetic procedures.

Dr Rastogi Bella Face Cosmetic Surgery & Medi Spa specialises in a range of cosmetic procedures including anti-ageing and wrinkle treatments, injectables and dermal fillers, facial rejuvenation and weight loss, together with consultation services for breast augmentation, liposculpture, facelifts and tummy tucks.

After graduating from the University of Newcastle Medical School in 1989 Dr Rastogi served his surgical residency in Australia before travelling overseas to complete advanced training in cosmetic surgery. He studied under internationally acclaimed surgeons including liposuction inventor, Georgio Fischer MD (Rome), Docteur Jean-Luc Bachelier (Paris), and Dr Anthony Erian during his time as president of the European Academy for Cosmetic Surgery.

Returning home with international insights Dr Rastogi was instrumental in pioneering Australia’s first muscle relaxant injections for cosmetic purposes, in contrast to their original medical-only use, and introduced the treatments locally when Bella Face opened at The Junction in 2003.

Dr Rastogi’s passion and reputation for beautiful body contour work attracts people from across the country and around the world. Along with caring for many high profile and celebrity clients he provides regular media commentary and consults on cosmetic surgery to several organisations.